Frilux is a design approach for contextual enquiry for librarians

Librarians only need to be in a UX state of mind and they don’t have to be designers. Frilux is imagined for librarians who seek to improve the efficacy of the service in any kind of library setting. It aims to deliver value to libraries by making UX an important tool to solve problems.

Research Background

Frilux is the outcome of the design-led collaborative and participative research project LibraryUX, a collaboration between the University of Oslo Library and the Department of Informatics (UiO). The project was funded by the National Library of Norway.

The Frilux brand strategy, visual identity and Flexbook was developed jointly by The University of Oslo Library, Sumit Pandey and Sanjay Basavaraju.

Frilux buddy

The Frilux Buddy is a way of getting personal support, mentoring and advise on UX issues and strategy for your own library. Please get in touch with any of the following people for further discussions.

For Norwegian Libraries:

Andrea A. Gasparini, e-post: a.a.gasparini[@]ub.uio.no

Marianne Schiøtz Samue , e-post: m.s.samuel[@]ub.uio.no


For Finnish libraries:

Heli Kautonen, E-post: heli.kautonen[@]finlit.fi


If you would like to collaborate on our research or need any further information or help, please write to frilux-flo[@]ub.uio.no