is an introductory approach for librarians to fully shape the library user experience.

is a seminar designed for libraries to share the value of user experience with one another.

Frilux is open.

Having an open approach to library UX design is key to see libraries evolve with time. Frilux recommends librarians to have the creative confidence to build contextual tools and effective methods to solve problems without the need of design experts.

Frilux is participative.

The nordic way of design has always been participative in nature. Ideas come from strangest of places, diverse experiences and unlikeley individuals. By participating, every stakeholder finds himself/herself directly responsible for making libraries effective.

Frilux is iterative.

Great experiences are built with iterations. Having the mindset to iterate enables the system to evolve. Libraries have stagnant systems and the librarian who iterates will be valued more and he/she will have the power to make reflexive transformations.